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Hi, I'm Brittany Homer, a dedicated mom and defender of childhood. I am passionate about all kids receiving their best chance at success in life, and believe parents and caregivers carry the weight of guiding their children to achieve that.


But sometimes parents need help! With that in mind I became a Certified Family Life Educator and completed a Master’s program in Family and Human Development. I have received training in parenting and child guidance, abuse and neglect, behavioral research, human sexuality, and other subjects related to strengthening families. My goal is to empower parents to create a safe space for their kids to thrive in.

My passion for helping children and strengthening families has also led me to co-found a nonprofit dedicated to ending sexual exploitation, serve as a voice for abused and neglected children through CASA, advocate for victims of sexual assault through the YWCA, pursue legislative changes that would give more protections to children and families, and of course share helpful ideas and resources through Raising Today’s Kids!


When I am not raising my voice in defense of childhood, I love to have adventures with my husband and four kids. Together we hike, camp, travel, swim, ride bikes, run races, play games, star watch, paint, do yard work, sing, dance, cook, read, and more...


WHAT'S IN A NAME? WHAT'S IN A  Raise is a common word in our vocabulary, but I feel it has a much deeper meaning than we give it credit for. It means to lift or move to a higher position or level. So to raise something you pick it up from where it's at, and elevate it more. To raise is different than to rise because it implies someone acting on someone else to elevate them. It is selfless and empowering. RAISING a child is lifting them to a position where they can reach their potential.

TODAY'S technology revolution requires more intentional parenting than ever, because all the darkness of the world is available on devices we carry in the palm of our hand. Thankfully, these tools also give us access to truth and beauty and light! Parents and caregivers have a unique and vital responsibility to not only put up their swords and shields in protecting their kids from the darkness, but to also guide them in filtering through it to find the light.


KIDS need their parents today more than ever, and Raising Today's Kids is here to help!


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