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This episode is unlike any other. If you are anything like me, you will laugh, you will cry, you will feel compassion and courage, and so many other emotions. My guest, Tamra, is here to tell a raw and vulnerable story about how, as an adolescent, she chose to place her baby for adoption. And then how, in the midst of his trauma, she was reunited with him 16 years later. It’s not for the faint of heart. It is full of beauty and joy, but also intense pain and heartbreak. It has moved me to tears again and again. Above all, her experience gives incredible evidence of God’s role in our lives and how He has a plan for our children, who are truly His. Whether or not you approach parenting from a Christian perspective or whether you have any personal connection with adoption, Tamra’s story will resonate with you. There are messages for every parent in today’s episode.

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