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Do you need help with organizing your family schedule? Do you wish you were more efficient with your time? Do you struggle to teach your kids time management? Raising kids in a digital world with so much information and so many opportunities requires developing time management and organization skills in order to reach long-term goals. This episode will give you a look into the mom skills of Chelsea Winterholler who has learned a thing (or twenty) about all of the above while allowing her kids to experience natural consequences and reinforcing positive behavior. Prepare to be amazed and inspired!


Are you surviving this crazy world? I’ve missed connecting with you. It has been an interesting few months with the coronavirus completely changing life as we know it. So just as a little update on my situation, in addition to all the family, church, work, school, and social adjustments I’ve had to make, I am also expecting a baby boy! Even though it’s going to mean a total lifestyle change (since our older kids are all well beyond the baby stage) our family is beyond thrilled. 


Today I am practically giddy about introducing you to my friend Chelsea. You will quickly see that Chelsea has some serious skills when it comes to organizing her family’s schedule and teaching her kids time management. Raising kids in a digital world with so much information and so many opportunities requires developing time management and organization skills in order to reach long-term goals. So I invited Chelsea to come and share her wisdom because I seriously lack in those areas. And having her teach you meant I would get to listen to her words several times as I edited and organized this episode. What a blessing for me! 


Before launching this episode I had my husband listen to a draft of it which led to an in-depth discussion about some specific changes we want to make in our family. We took several of Chelsea’s ideas and tweaked them to fit our situation and the next day we sat down to have a family council with our kids and introduce the changes. At first they were nervous, but then they realized how much more independence they would have as they learned more responsibility and had more structure. Take notes while you listen, because I’m sure you’ll get some nuggets from Chelsea’s insights that will bless your family! 


my conversation with Chelsea



Isn’t she so wise? I know I could never be just like her, and I wouldn’t want to because I would have to change too many things that I love about myself, but I am so grateful that I am blessed to be her friend and to be able to learn from her. I know when my baby is born it will be harder to implement some of these ideas, because babies require more spontaneity and flexibility, but my husband and I are re-committed to providing more structure for our kids and more opportunities for them to learn from natural consequences. (I know I will benefit mentally from learning to manage my own time better!) 


I am especially excited to do more to recognize and reinforce my kids’ good behavior by doing our own version of the cotton-ball jar. We do pay our kids for certain chores as part of our family economy, so we have decided that they will get some special, individual, time with mom and dad when they fill their jars. They are at an age when they are super excited about that. 


I hope you are also able to take some of Chelsea’s ideas and tweak them to fit and bless your family. You are so qualified to know what is best for your kids and to be exactly the kind of parent they need. You’ve got this. I believe in you. Keep up the amazing work you are already doing!


If you thought of someone while listening to this episode, please consider sharing it with them. It might be just what they need! Also, I would be so grateful if you would review it on apple podcasts or your favorite podcast app so more intentional parents can get the gems they need from it.


Thank you for your intentional parenting efforts. You are known and loved, and you are making the world a better place!!


Thanks for listening, and have an awesome day!


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